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Established in 2016, St Albans Speaker Hire was founded by local resident Tom (pictured left), after experiencing major disappointments attending events and parties where hosts had foolishly neglected the importance of music and sound. Particular lowlights included the crucial job of 'sound provider' being trusted to a half-broken TV, a cheap/nasty bluetooth speaker and worst of all, a phone inside a cup. Having experienced first-hand the underwhelming atmosphere and fun-vacuum generated by these lazy hosts and their "speakers", something had to change. A musician by trade and self-confessed audio obsessive, Tom was well experienced to find the ideal sonic solution, and introduced the crowd to the power of the *all-in-one active PA system equipped with dedicated speakers and subwoofer* at the next event. The reaction was astonishing - music sounded deeper and richer, filling the space and massively improving the overall atmosphere of the party, with guests dancing all night. 

Wanting to prevent more events being sabotaged by less-than-incredible sound solutions, St Albans Speaker Hire was established to offer speaker rental services across the area. The local business grew quickly, with events all over Hertfordshire experiencing the effect of a quality sound system. The business has since expanded to become the #1 speaker hire rental company in the area, with more systems, more staff, same-day delivery and setup across all of Hertfordshire, a wide array of services and countless glowing reviews. We provide sound and microphone solutions for weddings, DJs, public speaking events, parties... the list is endless. 

Don't be the host that uses a phone in a cup. Hire a top quality sound system quickly and easily with St Albans Speaker Hire and experience the difference for yourself.

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